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Bootstrap checkboxes and jquery

I am using bootstrap check boxes which don't seem to behave the same way as normal check boxes. Looking on other posts, it seems bootstrap check boxes return a value of undefined so using a if checked does not work.


<div class="checkbox checkbox-primary">
<input id="homeaddress" type="checkbox" checked>
<label for="homeaddress">
Same As My Home Address
<div id="show-hide-address">

$(document).ready( function(){
$("#homeaddress").on("click", function(){
if ($(this).attr("checked")==undefined) {
$('#show-hide-address').slideUp(); // checked
} else {
$('#show-hide-address').slideDown(); // unchecked

When the page loads the checkbox is checked and the content div is invisible as it should be. When I un-check it, the content div does slide down as it should. BUT when I click the checkbox again, the slide up does not work, nothing happens. Has anyone dealt with this before. Am I missing something? Thanks,

UPDATE: added a fiddle

Answer Source

Try this one:

$('#homeaddress').change(function() {
  if ($(this).is(':checked')) {
  } else {

here is Fiddle

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