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Swift Question

Local notification sound not working

I'm trying to make an alarm app but when I try to make a local notification I am unable to play the sound. I got this error:

[user info = (null)} with a sound but haven't received permission from the user to play sounds]

Here is the code:

@IBOutlet var setAlaram: UIDatePicker!

@IBAction func setAlarmButton(sender: AnyObject) {

var dateformater = NSDateFormatter()
dateformater.timeZone = NSTimeZone .defaultTimeZone()
dateformater.timeStyle = NSDateFormatterStyle.ShortStyle
dateformater.dateStyle = NSDateFormatterStyle.ShortStyle

var datetimestring = NSString()
datetimestring = dateformater.stringFromDate(

[self .localnotification(]


func localnotification (firedate:NSDate) {

var localNotification:UILocalNotification = UILocalNotification()
localNotification.fireDate = firedate
localNotification.alertBody = "time to woke up"
localNotification.soundName = "alarm.wav"


override func viewDidLoad() {
let date1 = NSDate() = date1



You need to ask the user for permission to send local notifications in iOS 8.

You can do so when you application launches in your AppDelegate methods

func application(application: UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: [NSObject: AnyObject]?) -> Bool {
    application.registerUserNotificationSettings(UIUserNotificationSettings(forTypes: .Sound | .Alert | .Badge, categories: nil))
    return true