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JDBC error: java.sql.SQLException: Cannot submit empty query

I am trying to query the database using JDBC and using the following commands

CallableStatement call_state =null;
call_state =con.prepareCall("UPDATE district SET d_next_o_id = ?+1 WHERE d_id = ? AND d_w_id = ?");
call_state.setInt(1, d_next_o_id);
call_state.setInt(2, d_id);
call_state.setInt(3, d_w_id);

I got an exception: java.sql.SQLException: Cannot submit empty query.

Answer Source

Even though CallableStatement (CS) is the "interface used to execute SQL stored procedures", it is also a subinterface of PreparedStatement. For this reason, any CS implementation that abides to the Liskov Substitution Principle should also be able to execute normal UPDATE, SELECT or DELETE operations (anything a plain PreparedStatement can do).

The actual problem with your code is on the last line of the snippet you've provided; you're using executeQuery() on an UPDATE statement, which doesn't work. Instead, you should use either execute() or executeUpdate(). So changing that line into


should work.

If you want to do this "correctly", you should be idiomatic and use a PreparedStatement instead of CallableStatement – because you're not invoking any stored procedure. Additionally, you should take care of closing resources by using the try-with-resources statement:

try (PreparedStatement ps = con.prepareStatement(
        "UPDATE district SET d_next_o_id = ?+1 WHERE d_id = ? AND d_w_id = ?")) {
    ps.setInt(1, d_next_o_id);
    ps.setInt(2, d_id);
    ps.setInt(3, d_w_id);           
} catch (SQLException e) {
  // handle it
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