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Ruby merging items in array conditionnally

I have an array containing capital and small letters. I am trying to concatenate capital letters with the following small letters in a new array. For example, I have the following array

first_array = ["A","b","C","d","e"]

and I want to obtain the following array

["Ab","Cde"] #new array

I am trying to iterate through the first array with a code that looks like this:

new_array = []
first_array.each_with_index do |a,index|
if (a!~/^[a-z].*$/)
new_array = new_array.push "#{a}"
new_array[-1] = first_array[index-1] + "#{a}" #the idea is to concatenate the small letter with the previous capital letter and replace the last item in the new array

but it does not work. I am not sure I am tackling this issue efficiently which is why I can't resolve it. Could somebody suggest some options? Thanks.

Answer Source

So, you want to split your original array when next char is uppercase, and then make strings of those subarrays? There's a method in standard lib that can help you here:

first_array = ["A","b","C","d","e"]
result = first_array.slice_when do |a, b|
  a_lower = a.downcase == a
  b_upper = b.upcase == b
  a_lower && b_upper

result # => ["Ab", "Cde"]
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