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Java Question

How do you install the latest version of Xuggler (5.4, as of 18/05/2013) in eclipse?

I have literally no clue where to start doing this. I've downloaded the necessary Jar's from the site, and done some research on how to install Xuggler in Eclipse, and everything is outdated or irrelevant.

My system is a 64-Bit Windows 8. Most things that worked in vista and windows 7 should be compatible with my system as long as they are also 64-bit compatible.
All i would like to be able to do is obviously run an application with it in Eclipse.

Any advice, helpful explanations, or links to guides would be much appreciated.

Cheers all.

Answer Source

You can download Xuggler 5.4 here

and some more jar to make it work...






You can check which dependencies xuggler needs from here:

Add this jars and xuggle-xuggler-5.4.jar to your project's build path and it s ready.

**version numbers may change

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