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How to make two mutually exclusive segmented rows with Eureka

I use Eureka library and i want to make the two mutually exclusive segmented rows with this code:

<<< SegmentedRow<String>("weight1") { row in
row.options = ["До 3 кг", "До 5 кг"]
row.value = "До 3 кг"
}.onChange{ [weak self] row in
let weight2Row: SegmentedRow<String>! = self?.form.rowByTag("weight2")
weight2Row.value = nil

<<< SegmentedRow<String>("weight2") { row in
row.options = ["До 16 кг", "У меня авто"]
}.onChange{ [weak self] row in
let weight1Row: SegmentedRow<String>! = self?.form.rowByTag("weight1")
weight1Row.value = nil

But if i click on second Segmented row the first segmented controll don't clean up the selection

enter image description here

Answer Source

As explained in the guide - section How to set the form values using a dictionary

If the form was already displayed we have to reload the visible rows either by reloading the table view tableView.reloadData() or invoking updateCell() to each visible row.

so just call weight2Row.updateCell() to have the new values reflect.

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