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How to load training data in PyBrain?

I am trying to use PyBrain for some simple NN training. What I don't know how to do is to load the training data from a file. It is not explained in their website anywhere. I don't care about the format because I can build it now, but I need to do it in a file instead of adding row by row manually, because I will have several hundreds of rows.

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Here is how I did it:

ds = SupervisedDataSet(6,3)

tf = open('mycsvfile.csv','r')

for line in tf.readlines():
    data = [float(x) for x in line.strip().split(',') if x != '']
    indata =  tuple(data[:6])
    outdata = tuple(data[6:])

n = buildNetwork(ds.indim,8,8,ds.outdim,recurrent=True)
t = BackpropTrainer(n,learningrate=0.01,momentum=0.5,verbose=True)

In this case the neural network has 6 inputs and 3 outputs. The csv file has 9 values on each line separated by a comma. The first 6 values are input values and the last three are outputs.

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