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Slow face detection on OpenCV?

I compiled and installed OpenCV (last version from the SVN) on Mac Os X (this is maybe the source of the problem).

The sample works, but the face detection algorithm seems slow to me. The detection time for a face is around 400ms (I just used the example included). The FPS is then quite low.

On youtube and all, I see super-smooth video with real time face detection (even on the iPhone) so I feel confuse. I remember it being even faster on my old Windows PC.

Is 400 ms a correct detection time ?

Note : my Macbook is not old (2009) and everything runs fine on it. I use the iSight webcam (integrated webcam). I have just one face (my face) on the webcam. And it is around the same time if there is no face.

Answer Source

What is the size of the input image. I am guessing 640x480. Generally people who post YouTube videos resize the image to 160x120. IN full resolution of 640x480 it is very difficult to get more than 2-3 fps. Try to send 160x120 image. You should be getting at least 10fps.

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