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No setter method for assignment to property swift 3 with objective-c

I am using below code in one of my swift classes:

import UIKit

public class BRUFIMobile: NSObject {

public var mobileNumber : NSString?
public var provider : NSString?
public var aliasName: NSString?
public var aliasName_en : NSString?
@objc public var isDefault: Bool

public override init() {
self.isDefault = false


My project contains both objective-c and swift codes. The code works fine on xCode 7 but now by updating to xCode 8 I get below error:

No setter method 'setIsDefault:' for assignment to property

I use the attribute in my objective-c code like below:

+ (BRUFIMobile *) convertUFIMobileToBRUFIMobile:(UFIMobile *) ufimobile
BRUFIMobile *brUFIMobile = [[BRUFIMobile alloc] init];
brUFIMobile.mobileNumber = ufimobile.number;
brUFIMobile.provider = ufimobile.provider;
brUFIMobile.aliasName = ufimobile.aliasName;
brUFIMobile.aliasName_en = ufimobile.aliasName_en;
brUFIMobile.isDefault = [ufimobile.isDefault boolValue];

return brUFIMobile;

is it now neccessary to define seetters manually?

Answer Source

Swift 3 beta makes special treatment for properties with leading is. For the property isDefault, Swift generates isDefault as getter and setDefault: as setter (not setIsDefault:).

Use setDefault: in your Objective-C code, or make it a computed property and give @objc names manually.

(Addition) "make it a computed property" means something like this:

private var _default: Bool = false
public var isDefault: Bool {
    @objc(isDefault) get {
        return _default
    @objc(setIsDefault:) set {
        self._default = newValue
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