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How to count the recurrence of an array value

I want to count the recurrence of a true or false and output which has the most. Is there a predefined function to do this in PHP? So far I have done it like this (


class Girl {
private $issues = [];
public function addIssue($details) {
this->issues[] = [$details, false];
public function isHappy() {
$true = [];
$false = [];
foreach($this->issues as $issue) {
if($issue[1]) { $true[] = true; } else { $false[] = false; }
// what if its == to one another? do we return happy or sad?
return count($true) < count($false) ? false : true;
public function resolveIssue() {
for($i = 0; $i <= count($this->issues); $i++) {
if(!$this->issues[$i][1]) {
$this->issues[$i][1] = true;

So when I run it, I can get the average of if she is happy or not:

$her = new Girl();

$her->addIssue('Deleted our messages');
$her->addIssue('Over reacted');
$her->addIssue('Told her family to pretty much **** off');

echo $her->isHappy() ? 'it is all ok:)' : 'she hates u, hang urself.';

P.S: It should probably return false every time cos you can't win.

Answer Source

You want array_count_values:

function isHappy(array $issues) {
    $happiness = array_count_values(array_map('intval', $issues));
    return $happiness[1] > $happiness[0];
    isHappy([ true, false, true, true, false ])

See it live on

Note that array_count_values only works on string and int, so I'm mapping the given boolean to int for processing.

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