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EGit - SSH Fails at Passphrase (when connecting to GitHub)

I am using Eclipse Indigo RC4 with EGit (bundled). I have a project which I have committed to my local repository, and now I want to push from that to a remote repository I have in GitHub.

Pushing / Pulling from the command line tools works fine (I have configured RSA key based SSH authentication).

But when I try to push from EGit (via SSH pointed to GitHub), I get a prompt to enter my pass phrase. But when I enter the correct pass phrase, it prompts again for the same (note: username appears as git because that's the default when using GitHub. I guess that wouldn't be a issue).

Under Eclipse preferences, I have double checked to ensure that it is configured to use the RSA tokens I have generated.

Answer Source

Got it sorted out by following this link http://www.eclipse.org/forums/index.php/t/197428/.

I created an environment variable GIT_SSH which points to /usr/bin/ssh (which was the SSH implementation I was using in command line) and started Eclipse. When this environment variable was present, Eclipse connected using my shell's SSH tool and there was no prompt for pass phrase and it worked fine.

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