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Calling Fortran subroutines with optional arguments from C++

How would I reference a Fortran function in a C++ header that uses optional arguments? Would I have a prototype in the header for each possible combination of calls? Or is this even possible?

For instance, Fortran:

subroutine foo(a, b, c) bind(c)
real, intent(in), optional :: a, b, c
end subroutine foo

Answer Source

It is not possible, at least portably, unless you make the subroutine bind(C).

Once you make it bind(C), it is just passing of a pointer which can be BULL on the C side.

subroutine foo(a, b, c) bind(C, name="foo")
   real, intent(in), optional :: a, b, c
end subroutine foo

In C(++)

extern "C"{
  void foo(int *a, int *b, int *c);

foo(&local_a, NULL, NULL);

and then you can make a C++ function which calls foo and which employs C++-style optional parameters.

This capability was allowed in Fortran in Technical Specification ISO/IEC TS 29113:2012 on further interoperability of Fortran with C.

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