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Javascript Question

add angular 2 to existing express structure

I created an express structure using

giving the standard structure:

public routes

I would like to add to the views and routes directory as such:

->->sign up
->->sign in

using routes, index folder (index.js) and about folder (about.js) ...and so on...:

router.get('/', function(req, res, next) {

router.get('/about', function(req, res, next) {

I'm thinking each folder to render the angular 2 index.html. There are not too many examples on how to add angular 2 on an existing express structure. I know how to create, use, and program in an angular 2 structure. It's the setup that gets me. I'm a programmer a coder, and installing these various structures are new to me. I have tried express angular generators but they are are too heavy with a bunch of files and folders I don't need. I just need a simple structure for the index.html and the component.ts files to code in. How can I set this up without changing all the code and structures I already have in express? Also what is the simplest 'best practice' structure I can use to just place angular inside the desired folders?

Thanks all!

My aim is to be able to share information between the Nodejs system apps and the Angular 2 client apps. I know that I can do this by creating APIs between the two servers. My question is, is this the best practice or is there another method to use to accomplish this more efficiently?

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Meteor.js is a Godsend. Trying to create a Fullstack just so I can start programming for a while now, but I could never create the best system I need for everything. 2hrs after installing Meteor.js and I'm ready. I now have about 2 weeks of production creating my application. And still get to use Angular 2! Like I mentioned above, I'm a programmer a coder, with PHP and C# experience, and installing these various structures are new to me. I'm used to just start writing programs. But I'm glad I got the experience of trying to create my own.

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