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Can't send push notifications using the server API

Im using the new Firebase platform. Am trying to get a push notification sent by my app server and delivered to my iPhone.

I have the setup working where I manually send the message with the Firebase notifications area on the website, but when I try and send the message with a POST to https://fcm.googleapis.com/fcm/send I get no message being delivered to the device.

I'm sending the following (with auth headers)

{ "notification": {
"title": "Portugal vs. Denmark",
"text": "5 to 1"
"to" : "<registration token>"

I'm getting a 200 response from the POST with the following body:

"multicast_id": 5511974093763495964,
"success": 1,
"failure": 0,
"canonical_ids": 0,
"results": [
"message_id": "0:1463685441784359%3ad254b53ad254b5"

If I try and send to this device directly through the Firebase website it works, but the above form post doesn't. No idea where to go from here!

Answer Source

On iOS the priority field seems mandatory.

  "to": "cHPpZ_s14EA:APA91bG56znW...",
  "priority": "high",
  "notification" : {
    "body" : "hello!",
    "title": "afruz",
    "sound": "default"
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