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Git Question

Clone Github repo to specific Windows folder?

How to change the cloning folder of a specific git? My default storage directory is here


But for this one git


I want to put it in


(and not like C:\somefolder\myproject but all the files under C:\somefolder)

How to do that? I tried
git clone
command line but then the git doesn't show up in my Github for Windows client

Sorry for basic question but couldn't google or search here any answer!

Answer Source

After you have manually cloned the repository with git clone, you can manually Add a local repository to Github for Windows (I can't take a screenshot right now because I'm on another machine, but it should be relatively easy to find). I honestly don't know, though, if this will then have the full set of features (i.e. if GhfW recognizes it as a Github clone), or if it will have the reduced "regular" set for repositories in general.

As always: Try it and see! :D

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