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Javascript Question

jQuery find a class and create callback for its last element

In 'jQuery' I can execute callback for all elements of a class like this way -

jQuery(form_id).find(".multiple_upldprev").each(function () {

But I want to execute only last element of the class. I tried this way -

jQuery(form_id).find(".multiple_upldprev").last(function () {

It doesn't work.

How can I do that?

Answer Source

last() will reduce the set of matched elements to the final one in the set. And it does not take a handler. You can use:

$(...).last().each(function() {


Which usually doesn't make sense since .last() just returns the element:

var $lastElement = $(...).last();
// Do something with $lastElement

In cases where you have a predefined handler each might make sense:

// The same can roughly be archived with:$(...).get(-1));
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