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mySQL Replication Error. login incorrect

I have been trying to setup MySQL replication for the first time. I read many articles and it appears very easy, but I guess I made a typo when setting up the slave. I am getting the following error in the error log.

2016-10-02T14:29:45.479004Z 1 [ERROR] Slave I/O for channel '': error connecting to master 'abcd123@server3:3306' - retry-time: 60 retries: 2628, Error_code: 2003

I looked it up and "error 2003" said that the user cannot login to the master I guess. Which is correct cause server3 is incorrect. That was my typo. I have 3 servers

Server1 Master mysql

Server2 Slave mysql

Server3 web server.

So server3 is incorrect. I tried to change the login using the command.


But I am still getting the error above.

Answer Source

In case of replication is not connecting check basic thing

  • First step will check user table and privileges related to user.
  • The second will be bind-address in configuration.
  • The third, you might forgot to flush privileges.
  • Another is checking host if that user either it has % or localhost.
  • If everything looks fine then stop slave;
  • Apply change master properly
  • And then start slave;

Check for any error show slave status\G;

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