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Solved: Why does my pg_query update method skips row?

Edit: The problem was not in the code snippet that I posted first, but somewhere else. When I called add-delete functions, they were supposed to call refresh after they are finished. Yet I called refresh() outside of response part. Here is the updated snippet:

function deleteSchedule(id) {

var result = confirm("Are you sure want to delete this schedule?");


var deleteSchedule = {

scID: id,
operation: "deleteSchedule"


$.post( "scheduleengine.php", deleteSchedule).done(function( response ) {
if (response.success == 1){
/*This is where I moved */refresh()
alert("There was an error. Please try again.")

//This is where I previously called refresh();

I'm just a beginner with php, even more so on PostgeSQL. I can say
that my knowledge over php, json and sql is very limited.

I have created an update method to refresh my returned data whenever I
create or delete a record from database. But sometimes, when I create
a new record, the new record doesn't return from php until I use the
refresh function twice. Sometimes, same happens too when I delete a
record, I receive results one click late. This happens randomly,
sometimes on first click, sometimes on 4th click.

Example: Let's say I have an existing record on table and added a new
record. On by chance, it returned [["6","1","Jason Smith","&id","89"]
when it should have returned [["6","1","Jason
Smith","&id","89"][["6","1","King Sczhult","&id","90"], but when I
check database or refresh the page by browser, the record is there.

//The function that calls php
function refresh() {

var updateTable = {

semSchedule: $("#semesterselect").val(),
operation: "updateTable"

$.post( "scheduleengine.php", updateTable).done(function( response ) {
if (response.val != 0){
//This is where I decode returned table array
}else {


//This is the php switch-case.


case "updateTable":

echo updateTableFunc(post("semSchedule"));


//Update Function

function updateTableFunc($semID = null){

$result = "";

$scqrysql = "SELECT id, tutor, hour, day FROM schedule WHERE semester='$semID'";
$scqry = pg_query($scqrysql) or die(pg_result_error());

while ($row = pg_fetch_array($scqry)) {

$scTutorID = $row['tutor'];
$tqry = pg_query("SELECT id, tname, tsurname FROM tutors WHERE id='$scTutorID'") or die(pg_result_error());

$scTutor = $tutorrow['tname'] . " " .$tutorrow['tsurname'];


$scHourRow = $row['hour'];
$scDay = $row['day'];
$scID = $row['id'];

$scHour = substr($scHourRow, 2, 1);
$scDayNameArray = array("Monday", "Tuesday", "Wednesday", "Thursday", "Friday");
$scDayNumberArray = array("2", "3", "4", "5", "6");
$scDayNameReplace = str_replace($scDayNameArray, $scDayNumberArray, $scDay);

$resultArrays = array($scDayNameReplace, $scHour, $scTutor, "&id", $scID);
$result[] = $resultArrays;


$result = "";
echo json_encode($result);

$json = json_encode($result);
echo $json;


Answer Source

That's the problem right there. Looks like you're using jquery to call both things, and you're doing it asynchronously-- meaning both kick off nearly instantly and either one could finish first (race condition). When "A" wins the race, you're golden.. when B wins the race you have to refresh again. What you need is to call "A" (update query) then have it call "B" when it's finished.

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