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Calculating dates given two dates excluding weekend

I am using Joda time api in a Spring 3.0 project for to calculate dates. Now I have a start and end date and I want to get everyday exept weekend or Saturday or Sunday between these two dates. How can I achieve this ?

I looked at this post Joda time - all mondays between two dates.
It offered some guidance but still vague as how to exclude two dates.

Answer Source

I assume your question is how to

get every day except weekend or Saturday or Sunday between two dates.

Solution :

public static void main(String[] args) {
    final LocalDate start = LocalDate.now();
    final LocalDate end = new LocalDate(2012, 1, 14);

    LocalDate weekday = start;

    if (start.getDayOfWeek() == DateTimeConstants.SATURDAY ||
            start.getDayOfWeek() == DateTimeConstants.SUNDAY) {
        weekday = weekday.plusWeeks(1).withDayOfWeek(DateTimeConstants.MONDAY);

    while (weekday.isBefore(end)) {

        if (weekday.getDayOfWeek() == DateTimeConstants.FRIDAY)
            weekday = weekday.plusDays(3);
            weekday = weekday.plusDays(1);
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