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Javascript Question Client: respond to all events with one handler?

Is it possible to have a client respond to all events without to have specify each event individually?

For example, something like this (which obviously doesn't work right now):

var socket = io.connect("http://myserver");

socket.on("*", function(){
// listen to any and all events that are emitted from the
// back-end server, and handle them here.

// is this possible? how can i do this?

I want this callback function to be called when any / all events are received by the client-side code.

Is this possible? How?

Answer Source

It looks like the library stores these in a dictionary. As such, don't think this would be possible without modifying the source.

From source:

EventEmitter.prototype.on = function (name, fn) {
    if (!this.$events) {
      this.$events = {};

    if (!this.$events[name]) {
      this.$events[name] = fn;
    } else if (io.util.isArray(this.$events[name])) {
    } else {
      this.$events[name] = [this.$events[name], fn];

    return this;
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