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Javascript Question

Changing values with jquery

I have the following:

<span class="label-info">3</span>

I have the following jquery

var replaceit = $(this).closest(':has(.label-info)').find('.label-info').text();

The value of the variable is always a single whole number but will not always be 3:

ie: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

I have tried this numerous ways and cannot get the value to change. My latest attempt was:

return $(this).closest(':has(.label-info)').html().replace(replaceit, (replaceit - 1));

My end result, is to subtract 1 from whatever the current value of "lable-info" is, and switch it with this new result. So a new span based on the value of 3 would become.

<span class="label-info">2</span>

How do I achieve this?

Updated Code for more clarity


<span class="lable-info">3</span>

<a class="accept_friend">accept</a>


$(document).on("click", "a.accept_friend", function() {
var checkValue = $(this).closest(':has(.name)').find('.name').text();
var removeit = $(this).closest(':has(.item)').find('.item').fadeOut();
var replaceit = $(this).closest(':has(.label-info)').find('.label-info').text();
url: '/includes/accept_friend.php',
type: 'post',
data: {checkValue},
return removeit;
$("a.remove_pending").text(function () {
return ('.label-info').html().replace(replacei, replaceit);


I am not using id. I am using class. There are multiple classes with the same name. So I have to call by closest.

Answer Source

Getting a value from a span, subtracting it by 1 and updating the span(using jQuery):


<span class="label-info">3</span>


var n  = $(".label-info").text(),
    n2 = n - 1;

Hope it helps a bit

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