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vue.js add event listener to button in Render function

I want using Vue.js Render function to make component in javascript.Now I can make a HTML structure one SPAN and one BUTTON.when I click the button,I expect it output in console,but it just not is my code :

<script src=""></script>
<div id="app">
var a = {
data () {
return {count: 1}
methods: {
inc () {console.log(this.count)}
var self = this
var buttonAttrs ={
var span = h('span',this.count.toString(),{},[])
var button = h('button','+',buttonAttrs,[])
return h('div'


new Vue({
counter : a


or on codepen
Any response is welcome and thank you .

Answer Source

Your use of the createElement method is incorrect when building your button, since you are passing the wrong series of arguments.

First off, you should set the inner html + via your button attributes object, not via the second argument which is reserved for the data object, per the documentation:

// {Object}
// A data object corresponding to the attributes
// you would use in a template. Optional.
    // (see details in the next section below)

As such, you should structure your buttonsAttrs object as follows:

var buttonAttrs = {
    on: { click: },
    domProps: {
        innerHTML: '+'

Second, you should pass the buttonAttrs as the second argument in your createElement call per the above documentation:

var button = h('button', buttonAttrs, []);

See this working codepen.

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