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vue.js add event listener to button in Render function

I want using Vue.js Render function to make component in javascript.Now I can make a HTML structure one SPAN and one BUTTON.when I click the button,I expect it output in console,but it just not is my code :

<script src=""></script>
<div id="app">
var a = {
data () {
return {count: 1}
methods: {
inc () {console.log(this.count)}
var self = this
var buttonAttrs ={
var span = h('span',this.count.toString(),{},[])
var button = h('button','+',buttonAttrs,[])
return h('div'


new Vue({
counter : a


or on codepen
Any response is welcome and thank you .


Your use of the createElement method is incorrect when building your button, since you are passing the wrong series of arguments.

First off, you should set the inner html + via your button attributes object, not via the second argument which is reserved for the data object, per the documentation:

// {Object}
// A data object corresponding to the attributes
// you would use in a template. Optional.
    // (see details in the next section below)

As such, you should structure your buttonsAttrs object as follows:

var buttonAttrs = {
    on: { click: },
    domProps: {
        innerHTML: '+'

Second, you should pass the buttonAttrs as the second argument in your createElement call per the above documentation:

var button = h('button', buttonAttrs, []);

See this working codepen.