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Efficiently convert backslash to forward slash in R

I am looking for an efficient way to convert back slash to forward slash in R. Sometime I copy the link of the directory from the windows and I get something like this:


How can I quickly change this to
? I cannot even read the above expression as character. It throws an error
"\u used without hex digits in character string starting ""C:\u"


Answer Source

In R, you've to escape the \ with \\ So, your path should be:

x <- "C:\\Users\\jd\\Documents\\folder\\file.txt"

To get that, you can do:

x <- readline()

then, at the prompt, paste your unmodified path (CTRL+V then ENTER)

Finally, to change \\ to / everywhere, you could use gsub, once again by escaping the \, but twice, as follows:

gsub("\\\\", "/", x)
# [1] "C:/Users/jd/Documents/folder/file.txt"
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