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Android App Statistics: What does 'Others' mean under 'Total Installs by User' metric?

In 'Google Play Developer Console', Under 'Statistics' tab, I chose 'Total installs by user' from the dropdown. In the bottom pane, i chose 'Device' to view 'TOTAL INSTALLS BY USER BY DEVICE'.

In the results, I see 'Others' as a category accounting for 33.33% installs. The same is totally missing in 'INSTALLS ON ACTIVE DEVICES BY DEVICE'.

What does the 'Others' mean? If those map to real users who later uninstalled the app, then it would be of great concern and I will spend effort in figuring out the root cause.

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You can go to the top of the page and click Download and export the statistics to CSV. Then you are gonna be able to see the different devices.

Some might have some strange name :)

enter image description here

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