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Prevent multiple form submissions in Django

I'm looking for a generic way to prevent multiple form submissions. I found this approach which looks promising. Whereas I do not want to include this snippet in all of my views. Its probably easier to do this with a request processor or a middleware.

Any best practice recommendations?

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Client side, start with JavaScript. You can never trust the client, but its a start.



Server side you 'could' insert something into a database i.e. a checksum. If its a records you are insert into a database use model.objects.get_or_create() to force the uniqueness on database level you should use unique_together.

Lastly: HTTPRedirect is best, The the method I use when a user processes a payment is to just issue a HTTPRedirect() to the thank you/conformation page. This way refreshing the form won't resubmit and if they go back and try to submit the form again (without refreshing the form) the Django Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) will fail, perfect!

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