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Publish to S3 using Git?

Does anyone know how to do this? So far I haven't been able to find anything useful via Google.

I'd really like to setup a local repo and use

git push
to publish it to S3, the idea being to have local version control over assets but remote storage on S3.

Can this be done, and if so, how?

Answer Source

1 Uses JGit via

Download, rename it to jgit and put it in your path (for example $HOME/bin).

Setup the .jgit config file and add the following (substituting your AWS keys):

$vim ~/.jgit

accesskey: aws access key
secretkey: aws secret access key

Note, by not specifying acl: public in the .jgit file, the git files on S3 will be private (which is what we wanted). Next create an S3 bucket to store your repository in, let’s call it git-repos, and then create a git repository to upload:

s3cmd mb s3://git-repos
mkdir chef-recipes
cd chef-recipes
git init
touch README
git add README
git commit README
git remote add origin amazon-s3://.jgit@git-repos/chef-recipes.git

In the above I’m using the s3cmd command line tool to create the bucket but you can do it via the Amazon web interface as well. Now let’s push it up to S3 (notice how we use jgit whenever we interact with S3, and standard git otherwise):

jgit push origin master

Now go somewhere else (e.g. cd /tmp) and try cloning it:

jgit clone amazon-s3://.jgit@git-repos/chef-recipes.git

When it comes time to update it (because jgit doesn’t support merge or pull) you do it in 2 steps:

cd chef-recipes
jgit fetch
git merge origin/master

2 Use FUSE-based file system backed by Amazon S3

  1. Get an Amazon S3 account!

  2. Download, compile and install. (see InstallationNotes)

  3. Specify your Security Credentials (Access Key ID & Secret Access Key) by one of the following methods:

    • using the passwd_file command line option

    • setting the AWSACCESSKEYID and AWSSECRETACCESSKEY environment variables

    • using a .passwd-s3fs file in your home directory

    • using the system-wide /etc/passwd-s3fs file

    • do this


/usr/bin/s3fs mybucket /mnt

That's it! the contents of your amazon bucket "mybucket" should now be accessible read/write in /mnt

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