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jQuery Question

close fancybox after delay

A client has me updating his static site with a few videos. He wants them to "pop up" and play on the site. I love fancybox mostly because I suck at jquery and it makes adding lightboxes so simple. I immediately installed that and so far everything is 100% perfect.

But he wants the fancybox window to close automatically after the clip is played. Since there are only a few videos and they are really short, I was going to just assign the time for each one. I think the longest is 1 min 30 sec and 5 videos in all.

How could I implement that? The fancybox site says "Within an iframe use -

", but I have no idea how to make that work off of a delay in jquery. Any input or ideas would be awesome.

Answer Source

You could make use of Javascript's setTimeout functionality.

So something along the lines of:

setTimeout('parent.$.fancybox.close();', <time_interval>);
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