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Visual Studio doesn't recognize Unreal Engine

I'm a student in Videogame Development, and just starting out looking at Unreal.
And no, none of my teachers know anything about this.

I have installed Unreal Engine 4.13 and Visual Studio Community 2013 now 2015.

I'm trying to make a C++ project using Unreal Engine (using blueprints is out of question so this didn't help)

Now, when I make a basic C++ project, Visual Studio shows the following error message:

This version of Visual Studio is unable to open the following projects. The project types may not be installed or this version of Visual Studio may not support them.
For more information on enabling these project types or otherwise migrating your assets, please see the details in the "Migration Report" displayed after clicking OK.
- UE4, "C:\Users\Gebruiker\MEGA\Unreal\Disposable\Intermediate\ProjectFiles\UE4.vcxproj"
- Disposable, "C:\Users\Gebruiker\MEGA\Unreal\Disposable\Intermediate\ProjectFiles\Disposable.vcxproj"

No changes required
These projects can be opened in Visual Studio 2015, Visual Studio 2013, Visual Studio 2012, and Visual Studio 2010 SP1 without changing them.
- Engine, "Engine"
- Games, "Games"
- Disposable, "C:\Users\Gebruiker\MEGA\Unreal\Disposable\Disposable.sln"

Then my browser opens showing a Migration Report telling me that VS had an error with Project.vcxproj and UE4.vcxproj, although it copes with Engine, Games and Project.sln.

After this VS does show up without any further action, and it does automatically open *.h and *.cpp files for newly added classes in UE4.

Though it does edit and save these, it claims that all UE's code is wrong (with squiggles), and for compiling UE4 gives errors on pieces of code that apparently don't give errors on other's machines.

It would be much appreciated to be helped out, and I'm sure it would help others too who would have the same problem.

A screenshot of the problem and configuration

A screenshot of the Help -> About Visual Studio page, VS 2015 C++ highlighted

Answer Source

I uninstalled VS2013, installed VS2015 with all additional options checked, made a blank, new project with Unreal with just VS2015 on my pc, and now everything works fine.

Perhaps my VS2013 installation was broken, deprecated or switching version wasn't a good idea, but I can work with VS in any case now.

Also thanks to jeevcat for mentioning it!

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