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Why there are commits like "Merge branch 'master' of" in TFS

I wonder, why I see this commit in TFS:

enter image description here

Here's what I've done:

  1. I have changed these files

my commit

  1. Meanwhile another developer made commit (
    94feaf removed literal types from workflow/identity query as this comes from
    ) and pushed it

another commit

  1. I have commited the changes localy (

    a7de7a default value for root, ignored empty criteria
    ) and clicked sync button in VS code. Sync does pull and push.

  2. Why there is a commit
    bcbb87 Merge branch 'master'
    with exactly the same changes like

    merge commit

Answer Source

As commented, you would need a pull --rebase for avoid those merges.

But, as detailed in this feature request:

The "sync" button should respect the standard pull rebase setting for its default:

git config --global pull.rebase true 

But it does not:

On our repo, we set option pull.rebase = true.
But inside Visual studio, it does a merge instead of a rebase as expected.
Please fix it.

Current situation:

git rebase is supported in Visual Studio 2015

The feature can be found under the “branches” panel of the team explorer.


I'm not really sure to understand the reason behind "having a separate gesture for pull and pull --rebase".
I'll probably speak in the name of most developers: we expect something simple and clear. We all expect the "Sync" button to make a pull then a push. And we all expect that the pull command take into account the settings we set for our repos whether it's a merge or rebase.

Since Git 2.9, I would recommend:

git config pull.rebase true
git config rebase.autoStash true

But again, those settings are not yet fully supported in Visual Studio.

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