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Swift Question

Swift: Why is this immutable?

Can you tell me why this code does not work?

I have several arrays of

that contain UILabels and UITextForm.
should take as parameter an array and make all the labels and the text form disabled. I've tried with map, but still i have the same problem, the compiler tells me that or the variable is a constant or that is immutable.

func disableSectionForm(formSection section: inout [AnyObject]) {
for i in 0...section.count {
if section[i] is UILabel || section[i] is UITextField {
section[i].isEnabled = false

Answer Source

There are many compile errors here

Issue #1 (this is just a suggestion)

inout is not needed here because you are not mutating the section array, you are mutating the objects inside it instead.

Issue #2

The inout should go before the param name (if you are using Swift 2.2)

Issue #3

You should use self when comparing with dynamicType

Issue #4

You can't write section[i].isEnabled = false because AnyObject has no member isEnabled so you should do a cast

Issue #5

You are accessing an index outside of your array so this


should become this


Code Version #1

Now your code looks like this

func disableSectionForm(formSection section: [AnyObject]) {
    for i in 0..<section.count {
        if section[i].dynamicType == UILabel.self {
            (section[i] as? UILabel)?.enabled = false
        } else if section[i].dynamicType == UITextField.self {
            (section[i] as? UITextField)?.enabled = false


let a = UILabel()
a.enabled = true
var list: [AnyObject] = [a]
disableSectionForm(formSection: list)
print(list.first?.enabled) // false

Code Version #2


  1. you can iterate your elements in a safer way
  2. you should use conditional cast instead of dynamicType comparation

you can write

func disableSectionForm(formSection section: [AnyObject]) {
    section.forEach {
        switch $0 {
        case let label as UILabel: label.enabled = false
        case let textField as UITextField: textField.enabled = false
        default: break

Code Version #3

Let's define a protocol to represents classes with an enabled Bool property.

protocol HasEnabledProperty:class {
    var enabled: Bool { get set }

Let's conform to it UILabel and UITextLabel

extension UILabel: HasEnabledProperty { }
extension UITextField: HasEnabledProperty { }

And finally...

func disableSectionForm(formSection section: [AnyObject]) {
    section.flatMap { $0 as? HasEnabledProperty }.forEach { $0.enabled = false }
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