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What technique would you recommend when reviewing C++ for an interview?

I've got about 2/3 years C++ experience but I've spent most of my career doing Java. I'm about to go for an interview for a C++ programming role and I've been thinking about the best way to brush up my C++ to make sure I don't get caught out by any awkward questions. What would you recommend?

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If you have enough time try to write an application using C++ - go over the basics so when you'll be asked to show coding skills you'll be able to write code fluently.

I've noticed that during C++ centric interviews it is common practice to ask question about how it works:

  • How virtual methods are implemented?
  • What happens when you call new - how memory is allocated?
  • What is the difference between struct and class?
  • Why should you mark your class d'tor as virtual?

I guess a good way to learn all those is to read a good C++ book - if you have the stomach for it you can read Stroustrup book - but there bound to be other books just as good (with less pages in them).

Have a look at the C++ Style and Technique FAQ

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