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Chart kick Timeline using Ruby on Rails and dynamic data

I've installed Chartkick within my ROR app and I'm looking to use the timeline feature to display projects to give a simple and quick overview.

<%= @projects.each do |project|
timeline [
['project.hospital', "project.construction_start", "project.construction_end"],
] %>
<% end %>

I'm trying to get it to display all projects with the construction_start and end format be set at YYYY-MM-DD

I have no idea what to do... anything assistance would be appreciated

Answer Source

Your code is showing something you dont want, the loop instead the timeline, and it's showing , not one timeline but many of them .
Change your code to:

<% data = @projects.pluck(:hospital,:construction_start,:construction_end) %>
<%= timeline  data  %>  

This should only create one timeline with all the data about the hospitals of all projects you passed from the controller .

Note that this will only work on Rails 4+. If you have Rails 3 you will have to override the pluck method (it's not hard actually)

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