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PHP MYSQLI Count Row Correct [delete this]


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Hello i try to finds all hashtags with name #c3 and mysqli query show me: 3 rows but correct is 2 rows with #c3 ??? where is problem ? I want to show me 2Rows !

$sql_query = mysqli_query($Connection, "SELECT * FROM my_table WHERE hashtag LIKE '%#c3%'");
echo mysqli_num_rows($sql_query);

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To answer this and as left in comments (by myself)

Use '%#c3' by removing the last %

Using LIKE, the % wildcard does the following and a few examples:

%XXX% - Matches anything before and after XXX

%XXX - Matches anything before XXX

XXX% - Matches anything after XXX.


Plus, should there be any user input, consider using a prepared statement:

It will help against a potential SQL injection.

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