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MySQL Question

MySqlCommand Command.Parameters.Add is obsolete

I'm making an C# windows Form Application in visual studio 2010.

That application is connecting to an mysql database, and I want to insert data in it.

Now do I have this part of code:

MySqlConnection connection;
string cs = @"server=server ip;userid=username;password=userpass;database=databse";
connection = new MySqlConnection(cs);

MySqlCommand command = new MySqlCommand();
string SQL = "INSERT INTO `twMCUserDB` (`mc_userName`, `mc_userPass`, `tw_userName`, `tw_userPass`) VALUES ('@mcUserName', '@mcUserPass', '@twUserName', '@twUserPass')";
command.CommandText = SQL;
command.Parameters.Add("@mcUserName", mcUserNameNew);
command.Parameters.Add("@mcUserPass", mcUserPassNew);
command.Parameters.Add("@twUserName", twUserNameNew);
command.Parameters.Add("@twUserPass", twUserPassNew);
command.Connection = connection;

The connection is fine. That works.

I readed here that the way that I have now, is an save way to do query's. Is that still right?

And now to the real question. With that code above, I get the following warning in visual studio:

'MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlParameterCollection.Add(string, object)' is obsolete: '"Add(String parameterName, Object value) has been deprecated. Use AddWithValue(String parameterName, Object value)"'

That warning is for every parameters.add

And it isn't even working, because the values that are inserted are @mcUserName, @mcUserPass and so on, instead of the values that the variables mcUserNameNew and so on are holding...

So my question is, am I doing something wrong, and what is the new way to sql injection save do an query?

Answer Source

try AddWithValue

command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@mcUserName", mcUserNameNew);
command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@mcUserPass", mcUserPassNew);
command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@twUserName", twUserNameNew);
command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@twUserPass", twUserPassNew);

and don't wrap the placeholders with single quotes.

string SQL = "INSERT INTO `twMCUserDB` (`mc_userName`, `mc_userPass`, `tw_userName`, `tw_userPass`) VALUES (@mcUserName, @mcUserPass, @twUserName, @twUserPass)";
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