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Java Question

Why has the rule squid:CycleBetweenPackages been removed from the Java "Sonar way with Findbugs" quality profile?

I have just updated SonarQube from 5.3 to 5.6.3
Running a first analysis I realized that the rule squid:CycleBetweenPackages has been removed from the "Sonar way with Findbugs" Java quality profile.

Is there a specific reason this rule has been removed from the default profile? If I add it manually to the quality profile, it is ignored and not added to the ruleset.

Answer Source

Well there is indeed a pretty good reason, this rule was dropped in version 4.0 of the java plugin as mentioned by this ticket :

Main reason to remove that rule is that it is out of scope of the core feature SonarQube Analyzers aim to provide.

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