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Android file:/// similar path

I'm developing an Android app that is a virtual tour. I have a problem in that I can't use "file:///" to go to the assets. I am using Panotour to make the tours, so in old versions all works great in my app, but now in the new version it detects that i'm using "file:///" so the tour stops and it doesn't charge. I have already a version in iOS, and there is no problem because I dont use "file:///" in the path, so is there an alternative to "file:///"? I have to access files in assets and the SDcard, and handle the path for base url in my webview.

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After a long time trying diferents solutions, the only way i can found is, search for the index.js in the files of the tour and change "==file://?" for anything like "==fifi://?" and it is done, i can now use the tour 360 app in android, it works at 100% for me.


inside panotour files of builded project -> index.js change



==fifi://? //anything
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