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AngularJS Question

Can i set a html input field invalid regarding an angular model variable value?

I have a html form with an email input. I already handle min length - max length - email pattern and required errors with ng-messages-exp;
Now i want this field to be invalid if a variable of the $scope is set to true. (I will ask the server if the mail is taken or not.)

<md-input-container class="md-block">
<label class="inputLabel">Email</label>
<input required="" type="email" name="accountEmail" ng-model="" minlength="10" maxlength="100" ng-pattern="/^.+@.+\..+$/">

<div ng-messages="signupForm.accountEmail.$error" role="alert">
<div ng-message-exp="['required', 'minlength', 'maxlength', 'pattern']">
Your email must be between 10 and 100 characters long and look like an e-mail address.

Can someone know how to set an input invalid regarding a $scope var?

Thank you!

Answer Source

add a name attribute to the <form> and <input>, and then in the controller its possible to do $scope.formName.inputName.$setValidity(errorKey, isValid).

Then, its possible to display errors with something like ng-show="formName.inputName.$error.errorkey"

according to If name attribute is specified, the form controller is published onto the current scope under this name.

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