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PHPExcel freezePane() makes it impossible to scroll horizontally if columns doesn't fit the window

I need to freeze first six rows and "infinite" columns which I want to scroll through but all I can do with PHPExcel class is scroll columns after the selected cell and rows below it.

The function is doing what you would achieve in MS Excel by selecting a cell (let's say T7) and clicking

View->Freeze Panes

What I need can be achieved in MS Excel by selecting a row 7 (not the cell but complete row on the left "ruler") and click
View->Freeze Panes
By doing that you have first 6 rows frozen and you can scroll vertically but more importantly, since infinite columns doesn't fit the secreen, you can still scroll horizontally.

Any ideas?

Docs aren't helpful:

  • Official - nothing about that function

  • Unofficial

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