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C++ Question

How to create unordered_map of specific size?

I know we can do this

std::unordered_map<key, value> my_map;

When I try to look at the size it says
and when I try to look at bucket_count it gives

What I wanted to do was something like this
std::unordered_map<key, value> my_map(1000);

But I get error
expected identifier before numeric constant

I want to set the size of the hash table so that I won't have the same problem vector has when vector reallocates memory (copy of the values from old memory location(small) to new memory location (larger)).
Since I have large data of specific size (~100,000) that I want to hash, this motivates me to do preallocation

When I see unordered_map constructor in cppreference I unordere_map expects allocator, hash function etc. Do we really need do provide this much information to just set my hash map to specific size?

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