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Android Question

Android, couldn't make static getter setter property work?

I was trying this ...

public class Info {
private static Info ourInstance = new Info();
public static Info getInstance() { return ourInstance; }

private static int currentIndex;

public static void setCurrentIndex(int i) {
Log.d("DEV", "setter!");
currentIndex = i;
// do other work here

public static int getCurrentIndex() {
Log.d("DEV", "getter!");
return currentIndex;

private Info() {
Log.d("DEV", "class initialized no problem...");
currentIndex = 42; // just doesn't work, only sets the field


in any other class...

Info.currentIndex = 666; // just doesn't work

It just doesn't work - what could the problem be? Tried everything.

Answer Source

Why do you define the setter/getter if you are going to end up doing this?

Info.currentIndex = 666;

if so, then change currentIndex visibility to public...

or even better, be congruent with the code and do

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