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Prevent search changes from spamming history

I'm using links like

, which shows the list of all orders and more details of the order 123. With
and watching
it works fine, except for one thing: All such links get put into the browsers history, while I'd prefer to have only one such link there. For example, instead of


just the last member of each group, i.e.,


I'm aware of
, but I can't see where to place it when the change happens via following a link. I tried to place it in
$scope.$on("$routeUpdate", ...)
, but it did nothing, probably because it's too late when the route has already changed.

I'm not using neither
nor the HTML5 mode (just plain

Answer Source

I wasn't satisfied with any answer and after quite some debugging I found this solution:

.run(function($rootScope, $location) {
    var replacing;

    $rootScope.$on("$locationChangeStart", function(event, newUrl, oldUrl) {
        if (oldUrl === newUrl) return; // Nobody cares.

        // Make urls relative.
        var baseLength = $location.absUrl().length - $location.url().length;
        newUrl = newUrl.substring(baseLength);
        oldUrl = oldUrl.substring(baseLength);

        // Strip search, leave path only.
        var newPath = newUrl.replace(/\?.*/, "");
        var oldPath = oldUrl.replace(/\?.*/, "");

        // Substantial change, history should be written normally.
        if (oldPath !== newPath) return;

        // We're replacing, just let it happen.
        if (replacing) {
            replacing = false;

        // We're NOT replacing, scratch it ...          

        // ... and do the same transition with replace later.
        $rootScope.$evalAsync(function() {
            replacing = true;
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