CMedina CMedina -4 years ago 75 Question

split string return diferent result

I have a problem to split text

Dim strText as String = "Listings/Listing"
Dim separator as String = "Listings/"
Dim arr as string() = strText.split(separator)

My code return 3 results

arr(0) = ""
arr(1) = "istings/"
arr(2) = "isting"

What is the problem? Why is this happening? I need to get a


Answer Source

Try it this way instead,

 Dim StrText As String = "Listings/Listing"
 Dim arr as string() = Split(StrText, "Listings/")

The .split method works differently, and is character based using that particular overload, so it only uses the first "L"c in your separator string.

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