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android - How to cut some part of image and show it in imageview

I want to show only some part of image in imageview. See following image .
image part

Same example can be found in google+ app where you see all posts with images.

Any links ,code will be helpful.

Answer Source

Use this code

int width = bitmapOrg.width();
int height = bitmapOrg.height();
int newWidth = 200;
int newHeight = 200;

// calculate the scale - in this case = 0.4f
float scaleWidth = ((float) newWidth) / width;
float scaleHeight = ((float) newHeight) / height;

// createa matrix for the manipulation
Matrix matrix = new Matrix();
// resize the bit map
matrix.postScale(scaleWidth, scaleHeight);

// recreate the new Bitmap
Bitmap resizedBitmap = Bitmap.createBitmap(bitmapOrg, 0, 0, 
                  width, height, matrix, true); 

// make a Drawable from Bitmap to allow to set the BitMap 
// to the ImageView, ImageButton or what ever
BitmapDrawable bmd = new BitmapDrawable(resizedBitmap);

ImageView imageView = new ImageView(this);

// set the Drawable on the ImageView
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