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jQuery Question

Override a 'left' style value using Jquery or Javascript

So the following is in my DOM:

class="quoteItemEditorView partType_MATERIAL editMode selectorEnabled"
style="left: -1px; right: 0px; width: auto; min-width: 480px; display: block;"

I am able to retrieve the element and replace the 'left' value however this is proving difficult. I have tried doing this through jquery and javascript via following methods but it wont over ride.

$("#itemEditor").css('style','left','400px !important');

document.getElementById("itemEditor").style.left="400px !important";



Any suggestions

Answer Source

You should do it like this using jQuery's css() method:


jQuery css() gets the value of a computed style property for the first element in the set of matched elements or set one or more CSS properties for every matched element.

Hope this helps!

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