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How do I modify an existing database table (add/remove columns) with PetaPOCO (Umbraco 6, MVC)

I have an Umbraco CMS application with some custom functionality for which I use PetaPOCO to store data in my database.
I created my POCO and an Umbraco event that fires on application startup to create the table if it does not exist:

public class RegisterEvents : ApplicationEventHandler
//This happens everytime the Umbraco Application starts
protected override void ApplicationStarted(UmbracoApplicationBase umbracoApplication, ApplicationContext applicationContext)
//Get the Umbraco Database context
var db = applicationContext.DatabaseContext.Database;

//Check if the DB table does NOT exist
if (!db.TableExist("MyTable"))
//Create DB table - and set overwrite to false

How do I modify the existing database (I want to add a column) without direct access to the database? I need to use code because the host doesn't provide access yet. I think I should be able to do this in this ApplicationStarted override event but I do not know how.


Should I use somethingl Fluent Migrator

Answer Source

If you are using PetaPoco, you could use the db.Execute("alter table ...") but then you would need to have sufficient access rights to execute a DDL statement like that.

Also I would run this within a PetaPoco transaction too, as it's good practice.

Finally, if you were running this at Application_Start (which is fine) you would need to perform a check to ensure that the column didn't already exist.

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