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Separate data and store in array

I'm having problem fixing the endianness of the value that I got.

What I'm thinking is separate a

to two, convert them to hex, and store them in an array.

is the "crc_data" that is return to my previous question(which has been answered).

MODBUS RTU CRC16 calculation

For example:

I got a "result" data from the code of:

crc_data = 0A95

*Note: crc_data is datatype WORD

What I'm thinking is separate them into two, and make them as hex. Like this:

value_1 = 0x95
value_2 = 0x0A

Is there a way to do that? I read something about "BITWISE" operation, but I'm not sure if that's the way to do it.

Answer Source

You could cast to a char*. You would do it like this:

crc_data = 0x0A95
const unsigned char *k = (const unsigned char*) &crc_data;
value_1 = k[0];
value_2 = k[1];

The char pointer just lets you treat the data as though it was a string of bytes. You can then read them with the [] notation.

Another way is to use math to get the upper and lower parts. The bitshift operator << will shitf your data down 8 bits. It's the same as dividing by 256.

crc_data = 0x0A95;
value_1 = crc_data & 0xFF;
value_2 = (crc_data << 8) & 0xFF;

Another option is to use a union. Basically there are a lot of ways to do this.

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