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CSS Question

When to use `>` sign in CSS?

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What does “>” mean in CSS rules?

I came across many many websites and I saw many of them use this type of notation in their css file for creating navigation bar like :

#navigation ul li > ul {
/* some code in between */

but when i omit the
sign as

#navigation ul li ul {
/* some code in between */

this still works the same way.

what is the difference and when to use
sign ?

Answer Source

> Means the direct child of a selector, so

li > a will ONLY match an <a> which is directly inside an <li> for example.

If the html was <li><span><a> the <a> would not be matched.

Removing the > will match any <a> nested inside an <li>, irrespective of other things around it, so li a would match the <a> in

<li><a> but also in <li><span><a>, for example.

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