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Perl Question

replace a string from first line on multiple files

I got 10,000 text files which I have to make changes.

First line on every file contains a url.

By mistake for few files url missking 'com'

1) http://www.supersonic./psychology
2) http://www.supersonic./social

my task is to check and add 'com' if it is missing


all urls are of same domain(

can you suggest me any fast and easy approach ?

Tried this : replacing

sed -e '1s/supersonic.//' *

no change in the output.

Answer Source

You are very close with your code, but you need to account for the trailing / char after the . char.

Assuming you are using a modern sed with the -i (inplace-edit) option you can do

sed -i '1s@supersonic\./' * 

Note that rather than have to escape / inside of the s/srchpat\/withSlash/replaceStr/', you can use another char after the the s command as the delimiter, here I use s@...@...@. If your search pattern had a @ char, then you would have to use a different char.

Some older versions of sed need to you to escape the alternate delimiter at the first use, so

     sed 's\@srchStr@ReplStr@' file 

for those cases.

If you're using a sed that doesn't support the -i options, then you'll need to loop on your file, and manage the tmp files, i.e.

 for f in *.html ; do
    sed '1s@supersonic\./' "$f" > /tmp/"$f".fix \
    && /bin/mv /tmp/"$f".fix "$f"


But as you're talking about 10,000+files, you'll want to do some testing before using either of these solutions. Copy a good random set of those files to /tmp/mySedTest/ dir and run one of these solutions there to make sure there are no surprises.

And you're likely to blow out the cmd-line MAX_SIZE with 10,000+ files, so read about find and xargs. There are many posts here about [sed] find xargs. Check them out if needed.


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