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How to integrate Swagger with Maven + Java + Jersey +Tomcat

I can't seem to understand how to integrate Swagger to generate API documentation.
url: ####:8080/MyService/rest/users/getall

I have added Annotations to code and dependency.

I try to visit: ####:8080/MyService/rest/ but says its not found.


</init-param> `
<param-value>####:8080/MyService/rest/</param-value> //not sure What this should be?

Answer Source

Provided that you have correctly copied the files from to your project (directory dist must be copied to your src/main/webapp), then you can access the API documentation on http://.../MyService/index.html. Don't forget to modify index.html so that Swagger knows where to load the API docs:

window.swaggerUi = new SwaggerUi({
    url: "http://localhost:8080/MyService/rest/api-docs",

The API base path in your web.xml must be set to http://.../MyService/rest if rest is the application path that you have defined in your implementation of class by using the annotation @ApplicationPath.

Here is an example of what I usually do (I don't use web.xml for configuration):

@ApplicationPath( "api" )
public class MyRestApplication extends Application
   public Set<Class<?>> getClasses( )
       Set<Class<?>> resources = new HashSet<Class<?>>( );
       resources.add( ApiListingResource.class );
       resources.add( ApiDeclarationProvider.class );
       resources.add( ApiListingResourceJSON.class );
       resources.add( ResourceListingProvider.class );
       resources.add( Ping.class ); // my own resource class
       swaggerConfiguration( );
       return resources;

   private void swaggerConfiguration( )
      SwaggerConfig swaggerConfig = new SwaggerConfig( );
      ConfigFactory.setConfig( swaggerConfig );
      swaggerConfig.setApiVersion( "0.0.1" ); 
      swaggerConfig.setBasePath( "http://localhost:8080/MyService/api" );
      ScannerFactory.setScanner( new DefaultJaxrsScanner( ) );
      ClassReaders.setReader( new DefaultJaxrsApiReader( ) );
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