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Android Question

android AsyncTask with activity lifecycle

Am using

in order to download images within my activity

the flow goes like this:

protected void onPreExecute() {
\\begin animation

protected IUpiResponse doInBackground(String... params) {
\\ download the image

protected void onPostExecute(IUpiResponse upiResponse) {
\\stop the animation

till here everything fine, the problem start if i go to background while the asynctask is working
sometimes I get an exception nullpointer in the animation stops, because the views no longer valid (i guess),

I can check before the stop animation if the activity is in foreground but i prefer to avoid this approach, what else i can do ?

Answer Source

I prefer to avoid the asyncTask approach and to download the images in a simple thread, which also saves them to persistence layer such as file system, and then sends an Intent ,

Note: if the activity in the background the Intent ( if you register and unregister your receiver in onResume and onPause as advised ) will not be received so to avoid such cases inside onResume you can check if there is update waiting for you

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